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A recent trend indicates the increased use of the Internet as another medium of information dissemination by publicly listed companies. This information is made available to consumers, investors and other interested parties via company websites. The presentation format of the information takes on a variety of form since there are no specific standards guiding the online reporting process.


This research provides a descriptive analysis of the current situation among public companies listed on the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange. This study seeks to provide information on the companies' online reporting process in the absence of standards and the opportunities and challenges in this regard. The data was collected in the preiod January to March 2004.


Of the thirty-two companies listed in the first tier market of the Stock Exchange twenty-seven had Websites. The evidence presented in this paper however, was obtained from the data collected from the twenty-seven companies that possess Websites of which 59% does some form of Internet reporting. The major opportunity for firms which report is widespread information dissemination while the challenges faced are diverse.

The research paper concludes with recommendations for the further improvement of online reporting in the absent of standards.




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