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Conclusion & Recommendation

Based on the preceding findings it can be concluded that internet reporting in Trinidad and Tobago is in its embryonic stage. This can be attributed to a number of factors including cost to they company, culture and the lack of requirements necessitating online reporting by the Stock Exchange. However, for those firms reporting online they achieve a low cost medium for the dissemination of information and global exposure (especially the larger companies) among other benefits. In terms of online reporting a wide range of information is provided however it is quite firm-specific- varying from firm to firm.


Based on the forgoing conclusions the following recommendations are proposed.

  1. Companies encourage their employees to become familiar with the company's Website. Training should be provided to facilitate this use where necessary.
  2. Companies in Trinidad and Tobago should make a more consorted effort to include financial ratios among the financial information posted.
  3. The Trinidad and Tobago should become more involved in the online reporting process in Trinidad and Tobago and establish interim guidelines to facilitate online financial reporting ensure some level of consistency in the information posted.
  4. To facilitate improvement in the efficiency level of the Trinidad and Tobago Capital Market online reporting should be made a mandatory requirement for listing with the Stock Exchange.
  5. The Trinidad and Tobago government should provide more avenues for the development of Information Technology proficient individuals who will contribute to the development of internet reporting locally.
  6. The telecommunication sector should be demonopolise to facilitate expansion of internet usage which may in turn facilitate internet reporting.





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