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University of the West Indies

St. Augustine


Dear Sir/Madam

We are currently pursuing a B. Sc. Accounting Special programme at the UWI St. Augustine. In order to successfully complete our qualification for a degree in Accounting we need to do a research for the course MS35J Accounting Theory.


Our topic is “Financial Reporting on the Internet: Challenges, opportunities and trends”

We members of the Group 10

Darren Ali

Dellard Nelson

Jefferery Sookram

Tricia Subit

Rosemarie Ryan

We are kindly soliciting your assistance with the successful completion of this project by providing answers to the questions included.


Thank you for your kind consideration.


•  What role does the government play in the functioning of the TTSE?


•  When did companies start posting financial reports online?


•  Does the TTSE have an input in the way companies report online?

If Yes, what is the nature of this input?


•  Does the TTSE monitor the online reporting process?

If so, what form does it take?

If No, why not?


•  If yes, what form does this monitoring process take?

If no, why not?


•  Currently, are you aware of any global standards for financial reporting on the internet?


•  a. If yes, are these standards currently adopted in T&T?

b. i) If no, how soon do you anticipate the adoption of these standards here?

ii) What are the implications for the lack of standards for internet reporting?


•  In your opinion what challenges can companies in T&T face in using the internet for financial reporting?

•  Can anything be done by the TTSEC / companies to reduce the impact of the challenges?


•  Are there opportunities for firms in reporting via the internet in relation to the following attributes?

•  Cost

•  Quality

•  Efficiency


•  How would you compare paper based and internet based financial reporting?


•  Where is internet financial reporting heading in the near future?

















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