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The Readiness of Trinidad & Tobal to Facilitate Internet Reporting

According to a recent developmental study conducted by the Ministry of Public Information and Administration, Trinidad and Tobago was ranked 58 th by the World Network E-readiness index out of a total of eighty-two (82) countries. In addition, the following characteristics of the country's e-readiness were highlighted:

•  Call completion was as high as 98% in terms of infrastructure.

•  75% of all homes have telephones.

•  One in three persons has Internet access.

•  One in five use the Internet daily.

•  Cost of a personal computer is high compared to average income levels.

•  Internet access charges are high (approximately $125 for 50 hours).

•  Modest network speed limit users to sending e-mail or web browsing.

•  87% of companies have personal computers and Internet access (Ministry of Public Information and Administration Trinidad and Tobago , 2002.

From the foregoing features, it can be concluded that the Trinidad and Tobago business environment has the necessary capability to facilitate the online financial reporting process of the publicly listed companies. This provided further impetus for this study.









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